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Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink

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Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink

The favorites of the queen

Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink
Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink | Toby Melville – Pool/Getty Images

The Queen was known to enjoy much more than just caviar and foie gras, despite having access to some of the best chefs in the world and leading a life of luxury and privilege. Read on to find out what Her Majesty ate every day, from biscuits for breakfast to Champagne after dinner.

A tea and biscuit breakfast

Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink
Ingus Kruklitis/Shutterstock

Although eating biscuits for breakfast is probably not a smart idea in most homes, it was a daily tradition at Buckingham Palace, appropriate for a Queen. The Queen often starts her days “with a modest cup of tea and biscuits,” according to royal biographer Katie Nicholl, who provided an insight into the Queen’s daily routine in 2019. Although in 2020, former royal chef Darren McGrady disclosed her absolute favorite to be Chocolate Bath Olivers, it is still unknown what kind of biscuits she used to consume.

Cereal for Breakfast

Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink
Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink | P Maxwell Photography/Shutterstock

According to Katie Nicholl, the Queen enjoyed eating a bowl of porridge after she had finished her tea and biscuits. Relatively speaking, it is claimed that the Queen’s cereal was served to her from a simple Tupperware tub, a common home container. Reader’s Digest says that her favorite brand used to be a simple bowl of Kellogg’s Special K.

Marmalade with toast for breakfast

Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink
New Africa/Shutterstock

The Queen notably discussed her love of marmalade sandwiches with Paddington Bear during her Platinum Jubilee celebrations (letting slip that she always kept one in her handbag just in case). It is true that the Queen used to like marmalade on toast in the morning, and according to Katie Nicholl, she typically paired it with her second cup of English Breakfast tea, despite the fact that the sketch was only for fun.

Kippers for breakfast

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Charles Oliver, a royal servant, wrote in his book Dinner at Buckingham Palace that the Queen had a sweet place for kippers, a contentious breakfast food, ever since the war years. According to legend, little Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were exploring Windsor Castle when they caught a whiff of something delectable emanating from the housekeeper’s kitchen.

Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink
Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink | bonchan/Shutterstock

The sisters were welcomed inside after knocking on the door for their initial taste of the typical British breakfast. According to Oliver, kippers “remained a favorite with the Queen ever since

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Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast

Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink
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The Queen enjoyed splurging on scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on rare occasions, according to Darren McGrady, a former cook in the royal kitchens, with a little truffle grated on top for flavor. In true frugal fashion, McGrady noted that Her Majesty was typically “too frugal to ever order fresh truffles, though

Gin and Dubonnet for lunch.

Cocktails, or more specifically, one particular cocktail, were a staple of the Queen’s everyday diet and weren’t just for fancy dinners and costly events. Her Majesty was rumored to enjoy a pre-lunch cocktail of gin and Dubonnet, a sweet wine-based apéritif, with loads of ice and a lemon slice.

Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink
Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink| Marian Weyo/Shutterstock

Do you know which gin brand Queen Elizabeth preferred?Given that it had a royal warrant, Gordon’s is quite likely to have been the case.

Dover sole for supper

Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink
Thornteechach Thanutsupar/Shutterstock

The Queen, according to McGrady, preferred to keep luncheon simple and light, favoring dishes like grilled Dover sole on a bed of wilted spinach or with a side of courgettes. Even though Her Majesty has eaten at many fancy banquets over the years, the former royal chef said that when she ate lunch by herself, she liked to avoid starchy foods like pasta, rice, and potatoes.

Chicken and salad for lunch

Queen Elizabeth II Loved to Eat and Drink

The Queen, who did not frequently alter her eating habits, typically chose something wholesome and simple, such as grilled chicken with salad, when Dover sole wasn’t an option. While she had her preferences, according to McGrady, Her Majesty wasn’t a “foodie”; rather, she “ate to live,” in contrast to her husband Prince Philip, who “liked to eat and would stand and discuss food all day.”

Afternoon tea: sandwiches and cakes

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Her Majesty sat down to take afternoon tea every day without fail, making it a mainstay of the Queen’s royal diet. The tea included scones, sweet snacks, and tiny, crustless sandwiches, according to Darren McGrady and The Telegraph. Only sandwiches with round edges were provided, according to a custom that some claim was started by Queen Victoria’s husband, Albert, who believed it was unlucky to eat food in the shape of a coffin.

Cakes and sandwiches for afternoon tea

Danilova Janna/Shutterstock

But what specific sandwiches did the Queen typically consume with her afternoon tea? Darren McGrady says that finger sandwiches with cucumber, smoked salmon, egg and mayonnaise, or ham and mustard are the norm. Jam pennies, which are small sandwiches with raspberry jam cut into circles the size of English penny coins, are also popular.

Dinner: Gleneagles pâté

David Monniaux/Wikimedia Commons

One of the Queen’s favorite first-course meals when dining alone was Gleneagles pâté, a sumptuous combination of smoked salmon, smoked trout, and smoked mackerel pâté. The recipe for the meal came from Darren McGrady’s book Eating Royally. It was served on smoked salmon fillets with horseradish crème fraiche and crispy Melba toast.

Dinner: meats or fish from Balmoral


“The Queen loves to eat any food from the estate,” Darren McGrady said, in reference to Balmoral, Her Majesty’s Scottish hideaway. “Game birds, pheasants, grouse, partridges—she loves those to be on the menu.” The Queen was known to consume game birds shot on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk in addition to meats purchased from Balmoral. The Royal Family still has a history of going on a hunt on Boxing Day in Sandringham.

Dinner: Gaelic steak

Matt Crossick/PA Archive/PA Images

Gaelic steak was one of the Queen’s favorite meals, according to Darren McGrady, who spoke with HELLO! Online. His signature dish included a beef or venison fillet in a whiskey and cream sauce with mushrooms. The secret component? One-fourth of a teaspoon of Marmite.

Meal: steak

Bartosz Luczak/Shutterstock

Rare beef is listed as one of the Queen’s forbidden foods in numerous texts, but it appears that this may simply be a question of personal preference. We couldn’t serve rare meat since the Queen preferred her meat well-done, according to chef Darren McGrady, who spoke with RecipesPlus. McGrady claimed that this was also how she liked the meat to be presented in her Sunday roasts.

Dark Chocolate Confections

Every now and then, we all like a treat, and the Queen was no different. According to Darren McGrady, “She likes chocolate.” “Dark chocolate has to be her favorite, and that was.” Better chocolate is that which is darker. Her Majesty enjoyed chocolate biscuit cake.

Anwar Hussein/EMPICS Entertainment and iravgustin/Shutterstock

McGrady also claimed, “The only dessert that is likely sent into the royal dining room repeatedly until it is all gone is this one. She starts it in Buckingham Palace, and if there is any leftover, she finishes it there before taking it to Windsor Castle. “

Strawberries are a sweet pleasure.


The Queen enjoyed eating fresh strawberries gathered from the gardens while on vacation in Balmoral in the summer. The property is dotted with gooseberry, strawberry, and raspberry plants. Sandringham is surrounded by 70 acres of apple orchards, while Windsor Castle’s greenhouses are where white peaches are grown.

Mangoes are a sweet delight.


The Queen preferred mangoes as a snack when she wanted something a little healthier. According to former Buckingham Palace chef John Higgins, “She could tell you how many mangoes were in the fridge at Buckingham Palace. She even had a sixth sense for how many tropical fruits her caterers had in stock at any given time. “

Cocktail: Champagne

There is no nicer nightcap after a day of dining and drinking like royalty than a glass of Champagne. The Queen liked a flute of champagne each night before going to bed, according to Her Majesty’s cousin Margaret Rhodes, and if her extraordinary lifespan is any indication, it must have done wonders for her health.

PA/PA Archive/PA Images

There is no information on what brand she favoured, although it was probably one of the eight with a royal warrant (which included Bollinger, Krug, Lanson, and Pol Roger).

Fish and chips to go

It appears that not even the Queen was able to withstand the allure of the occasional takeout. She frequently requested a footman to get up a portion of fish and chips from the neighborhood chip store in Ballater while staying at Balmoral, said Darren McGrady. Additionally, she occasionally ate fish and chips at Windsor as well, the only difference being that it was made there.

Anna Mente/Shutterstock

She liked a more upscale version of fish and chips, according to McGrady, who stated that “fish fried in all that crispy, rich batter was a little bit too much for her.”

On the go: Dundee Cake

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

The Queen’s go-to treat was Dundee cake, a Scottish fruit cake made with sultanas and almonds, and she never left home without it. She routinely consumed the fatty delicacy while in the air in her private jet, according to The Telegraph: “Even if she’s on a flight at tea time, out will come a coffee, a Dundee cake, and some scones and clotted cream.” and with what to drink it?She always kept a supply of her preferred Twinings Earl Grey tea (brewed with Malvern water).

How are the corgis doing?

Anwar Hussein/EMPICS Entertainment

The Queen fed her favorite corgis lavishly as well. Even their own royal cuisine, which alternated between beef, chicken, lamb, and rabbit, was available to them. “Every month, Mrs Fennick, who looked after all the dogs at Sandringham, would choose and give it to us in the kitchen,” Darren McGrady told Hello! Online. 

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