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Royal’s Won’t Touch these Foods Ever

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No royal seal of approval

Everyone is aware that royals have lifestyles most of us can only imagine. But that doesn’t mean that everything is a fairytale. We pondered what a diet suitable for a Queen would look like, as Her Majesty The Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee and became the first British monarch to serve for 70 years.

And specifically, what do the royals refuse to eat?Here are some of our favorite royals’ strange ways of eating, which they do for a variety of reasons, such as etiquette, personal preference, and avoiding getting sick from food.

Here are some of our favorite royals’ strange ways of eating, which they do for a variety of reasons, such as etiquette, personal preference, and avoiding getting sick from food.

Foie gras

Royal's Won't Touch these Foods Ever

The fact that this contentious food item is prohibited in the royal kitchens is hardly surprising given Prince Charles’ well-known commitment to animal welfare and organic farming. The usage of foie gras, which is prohibited in the UK due to concerns over its inhumane production, was outlawed by Prince Charles in 2008.

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The royal family is highly concerned about their health, soso they avoid seafood and shellfish because of the risk of food poisoning. That is not to suggest that royals never disobey the law, though.

Royal's Won't Touch these Foods Ever
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The Duchess of Cambridge recently stunned everyone on a vacation to the Bahamas by tasting local delicacy conch pistol (also knownas a as a male sea snail’s genitalia). Prince William has stated that he is a major admirer of sushi. Kate undoubtedly has a more adventurous palate than most of us.

Potatoes, rice or pasta for dinner

Her Majesty avoids carbohydrates, and everyone who dines with her is required to do the same. According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, dinner frequently consists of fish or game, roasted vegetables, and some fruit for pudding.

Royal's Won't Touch these Foods Ever
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The Queen can indulge occasionally, such as at state banquets, but not every day. Imagine not being able to eat a bowl of pasta while being queen.


McGrady has also claimed that, at least during the 15 years he was cooking for her, Queen Elizabeth II never ever ate pizza. Nevertheless, Princes Harry and Will love it. Burgers are another matter, but not the cheesy variety that most of us enjoy. Her Majesty likedliked her burgers served with cranberry sauce and without a bun.

Finger food and whole bananas

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The no-bun burger may have originated from Her Majesty’s dislike of carbohydrates, but Victorian etiquette also dictated that the only food that should be consumed with your hands is afternoon tea. Everything else, including burgers and even bananas, must be consumed with cutlery. Apparently, the Queen uses a knife and fork to peel and slice them.


Garlic is another forbidden food for the royal family, as if avoiding pasta wasn’t enough already. The Duchess of Cornwall, who just appeared on MasterChef Australia, reaffirmed this. Garlic breath is apparently inappropriate for royalty.

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This has also been corroborated by Chef McGrady, who also stated that the Queen would never serve garlic. This makes This makes us doubt the value of royalties.

Cold biscuits

There are definitely benefits to being a royal. It is a warm biscuit in this instance. According to rumors, Prince Charles will only consume biscuits that have been precisely warmed. We all know how seriously British people take their biscuits, and Charles is no different.

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In 1990, he started Duchy Organics and put out the company’s first product, an oatmeal cookie. In 1990, he started Duchy Organics and put out the company’s first product, an oatmeal cookie.

Gluten or meat

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Only during the week does this rule take effect. Meghan Markle is well-known for sticking to a gluten-free, plant-based diet during the week. She has been referred to as a part-time vegan and does indulge on the weekends. She and Harry both enjoy roast chicken, so much so that Harry prepared it before popping the question to her.

Non-organic food

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Prince Charles supports organic food and takes great delight in eating in an environmentally responsible manner. He was once referred to as “Britain’s best known organic farmer” by The Guardian newspaper. Prince Charles has been known to bring organic food on foreign trips, and in 2010, Waitrose and Duchy Organics amalgamated to form Waitrose Duchy Organics, a company that sells organic food across the UK.

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Anything leading to food waste

The royal family is well known for opposing food waste, and they appear to share this practice with the rest of us: using leftovers. Former royal chef Carolyn Robb has recounted how they were instructed to prepare modest portions to reduce waste and to repurpose any leftovers forfor the banquet the following day.

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When not using her beautiful china for meals, the Queen enjoys utilizing Tupperware.

On-sandwich crusts

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There is one gastronomic indulgence that Queen Elizabeth makes an exception for and has its roots in British tradition: afternoon tea. Because everything served at afternoon tea must be of the highest caliber, sandwich crusts are essentially forbidden.

Tap water

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This one is somewhat self-evident. When we travel, the majority of us follow the same protocol to avoid getting sick. The royal family takes great care to avoid getting sick while traveling because it would be unacceptable. They are known to only consume bottled water from Great Britain that has been granted a Royal Warrant, such as Hildon water.


In addition to the fact that oysters might harbor bacteria, it is also generally known that Queen Elizabeth detests them. Prince Philip, who was a daring food enthusiast, also had strong feelings against oysters. Charles Oliver, a royal footman, attested to this in his book Dinner at Buckingham Palace.

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They violate several of Her Majesty’s dietary regulations because they are frequently consumed raw and with your hands. You have the right to dislike things,things, even if you are king.


Onions: red, brown, whole, peeled, sliced, rings.| wikipedia

Similar to how onions are rarely used in royal kitchens to prevent bad breath, so is garlic. This is a difficult rule to follow because onion is frequently used in recipes as a flavoring foundation.This is a difficult rule to follow because onion is frequently used in recipes as a flavoring foundation.It seems that onions are occasionally utilized in the palace kitchenskitchens, but never in a way that would allow one to taste them, and definitely never raw.

White eggs

White free range chicken sitting on eggs in the hay nest in Eco Farm on sunny day.

Eggs seem to be a favorite food among royalty. However, in their eyes, The Guardian reports that the Queen prefers brown over white. The hen that lays the eggs determines their color, but the conditions and nutrition of the hen have a greater impact on the flavor of the eggs. Given the caliber of the chickens’ diet, brown eggs are typically more expensive.In our opinion, Her In our opinion, Her Majesty may have a point.

Tomato sauce

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Her Majesty reportedly asked that the menu not include any items with tomato sauce while she was in Italy. You’ll understand if you’ve ever eaten tomato pasta while sporting a white shirt. Add 100 to that burden now. Although there is so much more to Italian cuisine than tomato sauce, we’re sure the Italian cooks had to get inventive since garlic and pasta were also off-limits.

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