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Highclere Castle in UK has a Rich History.

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Highclere Castle in UK has a Rich History.

When an Anglo-Saxon King handed the estate to the Bishops of Winchester in 749, the earliest written records of the estate were created. In the park, Bishop William of Wykeham constructed a stunning medieval palace and gardens.

When Sir Robert Sawyer, the direct grandfather of the current Earl of Carnarvon, purchased the palace later, in 1679, it was renovated as Highclere Place House. Highclere House was changed into the current Highclere Castle in 1842 by Sir Charles Barry, who also created the Houses of Parliament.

Highclere Castle in UK has a Rich History.
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History in 8th – 16th Century

The geography and its earliest written documents allow us to date the origins of Highclere in Newbury, England, to the eighth century. An early Anglo-Saxon charter, dated 749 AD, and an Iron Age Hill Fort that dominates the southern terrain at Highclere both attest to the presence of buildings close to the current location of the castle.

Highclere Castle in UK has a Rich History.

The fortress then evolved into a medieval palace constructed between the 12th and 13th centuries, which was then superseded by a highly regarded red brick Tudor home. This was the case up until Robert Dormer, the new occupant and first Earl of Carnarvon, who was an aristocrat, restored it in the 17th century. His descendants are still residing there.

Highclere Castle construction

Highclere Castle in UK has a Rich History.
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Highclere Castle was reportedly described by Benjamin Disraeli as “How scenical! Highclere Castle’s design was thoughtfully chosen to dazzle visitors. Because of the youthful Queen Victoria’s recent accession to the throne, Britain was in the spotlight of the international press. In order to assert their own standing, the Carnarvons dramatically altered the castle after embracing this new political innovation.

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Highclere Castle Drawing Room1 | Courtesy Highclere Castle

The most well-known English architect, Sir Charles Barry FRS RA, who is best remembered for his work on the reconstruction of London’s Palace of Westminster in the 17th century, was employed by the Carnarvons. Visit the castle today to get a sense of Sir Barry’s architectural prowess after four centuries. His exterior in the traditional Georgian style is charming and blends quite well with the peaceful pastoral setting.

Gardens at Highclere

Highclere Castle in UK has a Rich History.

According to historical records, the gardens were first created here in the 13th century. The original Monks’ Garden, the White Border, the Wood of Goodwill, the Rose Arbour, the Wild Flower Meadow, and the Healing Herb Garden, which is closer to the home, are all open for exploration today.

Highclere Park

Highclere Castle is located within the 1,000 acres of magnificent parkland that “Capability” Brown, a well-known 18th-century landscape architect, created for the 1st Earl of Carnarvon.

Six follies from the 18th century frame views from which to take in the scenery. As an illustration, Jackdaw’s Castle on the East Lawns offers a wonderful view of the Castle, the Etruscan Temple on Siddown Hill is a spot to rest and take in the trees, and the Temple of Diana offers a view of the lake.

A group of superb cedar trees that were first brought to our country in the 18th century frame the parkland and gardens.

Highclere Castle recently gained notoriety for serving as the primary location for the well-liked TV historical drama Downton Abbey. The eighth earl of Carnarvon and his family no longer reside at the castle during the summer months due to the growing number of tourists who come to see it.

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